Standard Hiring Procedures


Standard Hiring Procedures


  1. Conducted based on job order descriptions and requirements from Employers/Principals. This serves as controlling guide in the initial interview. Oral and written examinations are also administered with the objective of determining the core knowledge and extent of experience of each applicant.
  2. Salary Offer and Benefits
  3. Terms of Employment


Sameer screens and pools applicants to service the needs of Employers/Principals. Each applicant should have the following authenticated documents:

      • Diploma/Transcript of Records
      • Certificate of Employment
      • Certificate of Seminars/Trainings Attended

III. SELECTION (done either of the following)

  1. Agency sends CV's thru courier or e-mail for the Employer's/Principal's final approval.
  2. Employer/Principal conducts interview with the applicant thru telephone or internet.
  3. Employer/Principal authorizes the Agency to select on their behalf.


Once applicants are selected/hired/confirmed by Employer/Principal, they should comply/submit all the necessary requirements for processing of travel documents and confirm its availability by the Agency. (i.e. passport, medical, photos, and other original authenticated documents).



Requirements Needed to Process Travel Documents

    Commercial License/Business License

    Manpower Supply Agreement/Recruitment Agreement - An agreement executed and entered into, by and between SAMEER and the Employer/Principal. Whereby Sameer undertakes to supply workers to the Employer/Principal, and the corresponding obligation of the Employer/Principal is to hire and provide work/job to the workers.

    Special Power Of Attorney (SPA) - This document is issued by foreign Employer/Priincipal authorizing the Philippine Recruitment Agency (Sameer) to recruit Filipino contract workers.

    Accreditation Certificate - Once Employer/Principal is duly accredited with the Philippine Recruitment Agency (Sameer), processing of hired/selected contract workers commences.

    Manpower Request/Demand Letter - Manpower request from foreign Employer/Principal indicating skills/qualifications/wages/validity of contract and number of Filipino workers needed.

    Approved Job Orders - This document is issued by POEA based on the number of hired/required number of workers.

    Standard Employment Contract - This contract is executed and entered into between workers, Employers/Principals, and the Philippine Recruitment Agency (Sameer), duly approved by POEA. It contains contract duration, salary, position, terms and conditions, and rules and regulations of the Employer's/Principal's country.


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